Local region, local suppliers

AMS covers the full scope of the mining procurement life cycle, with more than 85% of all purchases occurring in the local region, from local suppliers.

African Mining Services procurement procedures are intended to have broad application across the AMS Group and apply to the procurement function as well as individual businesses in the acquisition of goods and/or services.

We have great relationships with our suppliers and value companies with the following qualities:

All companies we work with must adhere to the AMS procurement principles and operate under our specific trading terms and conditions. AMS procurement procedures have been written to ensure all procurement-related activities are conducted with transparency and are understood by all key stakeholders.

AMS procurement procedures cover the full scope of the procurement cycle including:

AMS procurement procedures address the following areas:

To register as a potential supplier, forward your company details, products and services to  For our full terms and conditions please select the English or French version below:

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