Load and haul

Moving efficiently and safely

We invest heavily in operator training to provide our clients with a safe, reliable load and haul service.

Our state-of-the-art operator-training simulators enable us to train operators in the use of a range of heavy equipment. The simulators provide a safe environment in which operators experience virtual scenarios without the risk of personal injury or damage to equipment. With several different types of training and assessment options — including emergency response scenarios, correct machine operation, fuel efficiency and productivity — the simulators provide comprehensive training programs to operators, irrespective of skill level.

In-house computer simulation modelling of haul routes enables AMS to accurately determine haulage cycle times and optimise iterations. In addition, we own and operate an extensive fleet of load and haul equipment along with associated ancillary equipment. AMS is highly experienced in operating hydraulic excavation equipment up to 300 tonne class capacity and loading 100 tonne class trucks, perfect for the majority of African mining operations.

If you need an expert load and haul service in Africa, get in touch.

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